The Legion Of Adonai Ministry Network

I’m an unashamed follower of Yahshua the only begotten son of Yahweh. I’m faithful to the belief that all of scripture is divinely inspired, I will not back down nor will I be silenced. Truth is a precious commodity. and I will protect it with my life.

Hello beloved. I’ve been a soldier for the Lord since 2004, but around 2014 I lost sight of my faith and fell hard. I became a backsliding Christian. I lost 6 years of my life and I regret every second of it. My need to feel the presence of the Lord became desperate. then right around April 2020 my life changed. I received a spiritual awakening. By the grace of God I got called back into the kingdom. On April 20th I felt a calling to contribute to the faith and thus the Badass Christian Militia Facebook group was born. It was my first true offering to the kingdom, but that was only the beginning. I’m trying to build an entire network for the Lord. The Legion of Adonai podcast is Phase 2 of that plan......

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